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Collegiate Lessons Overview

Behind Happy Faces is a mental health curriculum designed to give members the tools they need to address their mental health. The program uses cutting-edge educational videos and lesson plans to enhance emotional development. These nine lessons help define mental health and break down the stigmas surrounding it; open doors for more vocabulary to discuss it with others; teach about effective coping; and help you help your friends who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Each lesson includes a facilitation guide, PowerPoint presentation and video. Some sessions will also include a handout. You can access the materials by clicking on the individual lessons.

Resources to help

Advisor Workshops overview

Alpha Chi Omega is excited to offer five virtual workshops on mental health for advisors and volunteers supporting collegiate members. These engaging workshops review similar topics as the collegiate series, but through the lens of a volunteer supporting members. Upon completion of the Behind Happy Faces advisor series, advisors will be able to talk to members about mental health, understand the development of mental health disorders and coping mechanisms, know how to respond to someone who is suicidal and be better prepared to assist in a crisis.

Each workshop can be completed in The Heights Learning Center, accessible on the Advisor Workshops page.


collegiate Lessons

Lesson 1: Understanding Mental Health | 25 Minutes

Lesson 2: Your Mental Health | 17 minutes

Lesson 3: Changing Ineffective Coping | 25 Minutes

Lesson 4: Acute Stress vs. Chronic Stress | 25 Minutes

Lesson 5: Good Stress and Stopping Procrastination | 25 Minutes

Lesson 6: Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion | 25 Minutes

Lesson 7: Neuroscience of Happiness | 25 Minutes

Lesson 8: Talk to a Sister | 23 Minutes

Lesson 9: Before the Breakdown | 18 Minutes

Advisor workshops

Face the Facts: Mental Health Overview

Face Forward: Creating Effective Coping

Face Reality: Mental Distress Warnings and How to Help

Face the Mirror: Self-Care for Advisors

Face the Challenges: Handling Crisis Situations


For additional resources on mental health, visit Alpha Chi Omega’s Mental Health Education website page.

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