Find Your Volunteer

Alpha Chi Omega’s collegiate and alumnae experiences are supported by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and talents to support the Real. Strong. Woman.® Experience of all members.

Province collegiate chairs (PCCs) and a variety of collegiate experience specialists provide support for our collegiate chapters. To discover which volunteers work with your collegiate chapter, click here.

  • Chapter advisors are supported by a volunteer supervisor who provides oversight and guidance to the collegiate chapters she is assigned. This volunteer may be the PCC, new chapter development specialist or chapter advancement specialist.
  • Collegiate experience volunteer specialists are available to provide support in a variety of content areas. Each specialist is assigned to chapters and will reach out directly to the officers and positional advisors in the area she supports. A chapter can also reach out to its assigned specialist.   

Province alumnae chairs (PACs) and a variety of lifetime engagement specialists provide support for our alumnae chapters. To discover which province alumnae chair works with your alumnae chapter or to request support from one of our lifetime engagement specialist teams, click here.

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