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2020 Brand Refresh

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The Whole Story

It’s 2020 and with the excitement of a new year comes a refreshed vision, mission and brand for Alpha Chi Omega. Founded in 1885 by seven visionary young women,
Alpha Chi Omega is an organization built by and for real, strong women. Today’s generations of Alpha Chi Omega sisters share the core values our organization was founded upon and use them to impact our campuses, our communities and our world in positive ways. Aligning with strategic plan priorities and designed to represent the Alpha Chi Omega member experience, this brand refresh remains true to our identity rooted in the strength of real, strong women while reflecting the changing needs of today's women.
Honoring our traditions and Ritual, we have refreshed our brand in a way that preserves our history and positions Alpha Chi Omega in a strong place for the future. Through our words and actions, we will share with the world who Alpha Chi Omega is and what we do, providing the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience to our members.
Alpha Chi Omega Vision
Alpha Chi Omega shapes the future through the powerful, transformative and everlasting connections of real, strong women.
Fraternity Mission Statement
Through the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience, Alpha Chi Omega cultivates impactful communities where women are inspired to connect, lead, grow and serve.
Foundation Mission Statement
The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation strives to realize and sustain the educational and philanthropic values of Alpha Chi Omega through successful fundraising and stewardship. Generous gifts from our members and friends enhance the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience and empower our members to impact their communities and world positively.
NHC Mission Statement
The National Housing Corporation enhances the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience by providing safe and competitive facilities where members connect, lead, grow and serve.
Pearl Stone Partners, LLC Mission Statement
Pearl Stone Partners delivers comprehensive human resources services and supports employees and those who direct them to enhance the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience.

Alpha Chi Omega Visual Brand 

The Alpha Chi Omega brand refresh is the visual expression of the vision and mission statements to the world. The innovative 2020 brand creates a more cohesive look and feel, with a reimagined lyre and updated logos, color palette, patterns and fonts. The brand is the visual representation of exciting things to come for our collegiate and alumnae members, reinforcing who we've always been while preparing for our exciting future. 

Real. Strong. Women. Tagline

These materials, particularly the logo, reinforce the use of “Real. Strong. Women.” as our tagline, celebrating the forward-thinking women who established this focus over a decade ago. Rooted in our bonds of sisterhood, we discover, celebrate and support the unique journeys that make members into the real, strong women they are meant to be, setting a new bar for what a woman’s fraternity can be.


The refreshed lyre has been updated in an incremental, but evolutionary and powerful way. The new lyre will be our official version, but previous iterations will not lose their significance or emotional connection for members. While the lyre has been updated, no iteration of the lyre will be considered off-brand or out of date. The lyre is an intrinsic part of our organization’s visual identity, history and culture and will continue to be the cornerstone of the Alpha Chi Omega identity.
the alpha Chi Omega lyre over the years


Strong, clean and easy to read, the logo retains the use of the lyre and our Real. Strong. Women. tagline to demonstrate our continued commitment to empower each Alpha Chi Omega member to take on issues and challenges that help her grow and develop into a real, strong woman.

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Named for items relevant to our Ritual and heritage, the refreshed colors and tones reflect the flexibility to appeal to multiple audiences.
Scarlet and Olive, the colors of October, the official colors of the Fraternity
Hera, our patron goddess, guardian of women
Iris, a reminder of our Ritual
Vega, the brightest star in the Lyra (Lyre) constellation, placed in the sky by Zeus
Greencastle, the location of our founding in 1885
Olympus, a nod to our Greek heritage, Mount Olympus is the mythical home of the gods, including Hera
Lyre, our badge, the first musical instrument played by the Greek gods, reflecting our musical heritage
Ebony, a nod to our musical heritage, the color of the flat/sharp keys on a piano
Chord, a nod to our musical heritage, a group of notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony 


AXO Floral AXO Lyre Dash Modern Floral

AXΩ Floral

AXΩ Lyre


Modern Floral

Lines Stars Modern Lyre Lyre Strings



Modern Lyre

Lyre Strings

Terrazzo Vintage Floral Quilted Modern Stars


Vintage Floral


Modern Stars

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Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

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