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How Women & Wisdom Works

Mentoring sessions will consist of three 1-hour meetings or sessions through a mutually selected platform such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, on the phone or in person. The expectation is that all three sessions are completed within the year; however, we hope your mentor/mentee connection continues beyond the scope of your sessions!

You will begin by creating your mentoring profile. We encourage you to share as much information as you are comfortable with. This allows mentors and mentees the opportunity to learn more about each other’s skills and professional interests before connecting.

After you have completed your profile, it will be reviewed and approved. Please allow 24-48 hours for the approval process to be completed. Once your profile has been approved, you will receive an email with your username and password for the Women & Wisdom site. Please be sure to include your availability for 1-hour time blocks over the next few months.

Sisters who are participating as mentees drive the matching process. They are able to search mentor profiles based on industry or professional interests. The mentee will reach out to a mentor to make the connection.


I set up my mentoring profile. Now what happens?

The mentee should email her mentor to introduce herself, confirm the date and time of the first meeting, and suggest how to meet. We also recommend that mentors send a calendar invite for the selected time to ensure both parties have the meeting on their calendars.

If I need to change or cancel my mentoring session, how do I notify my mentor/mentee?

You can notify your mentor/mentee through the mentoring software. Simply log in and request to cancel, or use the email provided to request that she contact you to reschedule.
We suggest sending a cancellation notice at least five days prior to your scheduled session if possible. Check out the templates section of the mentoring software for additional assistance.

My mentor/mentee did not show up for our scheduled time. Now what?

First, reach out to your mentor/mentee to find out what happened and see if there is an opportunity to reschedule. Email her using the address provided in the system and allow 48 hours for her to respond.
Next, email to make us aware of the issue. There is a strict no-show policy for program participants. The first time a mentor or mentee misses a session, we investigate what happened. If there is a second occurrence, the participant is removed from the program. We will work with you to find another match, if necessary.
Note: If you are serving as a mentor, please note that it may take some time to match with a mentee. We appreciate your participation and your patience.
We encourage you to check back frequently for updates as we work to build a network of resources for program participants.


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