2013 Recipients

We recognize the achievements and contributions of our alumnae.

Our alumnae make a remarkable difference for our organization, their communities, their professions and more. Join us in applauding the accomplishments and contributions of our 2013 alumnae award winners, our sisters.

Individual Alumna Awards
Award of Achievement
Dr. Laura Shawver, Σ (University of Iowa)

Dr. Laura Shawver serves as the chief executive officer of Cleave Biosciences Inc. and was an active leader in its founding in 2011. She is also the founder of The Clarity Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing access to molecular profiling for ovarian cancer patients to improve their treatment options. She founded The Clarity Foundation after her own ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2006 to change the status quo of ovarian cancer treatment and bring innovative science to current patients. The Clarity Foundation is the only non-profit organization of its kind to offer molecular profiling to ovarian patients.
Prior to founding Cleave Biosciences Inc., Dr. Shawver was the chief executive officer of the Phenomix Corporation for eight years and also served as the president of SUGEN, a company focused on understanding key molecular pathways of cancer cells.
In addition to her work with Cleave Biosciences Inc. and The Clarity Foundation, Dr. Shawver currently serves on the scientific and legislative affairs committee for the American Association for Cancer Research and is on the scientific advisory committee for Hollywood’s Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign.

Alumnae Appreciation Award

Jane Durbin Sotak, ΑΟ (The Ohio State University)

Jane Durbin Sotak has been a member of Alpha Omicron’s House Corporation Board since 1971 and served as its president from 1972 to 2007. During that time the house underwent at least five renovations. Jane has been a member of the Alpha Iota Alpha alumnae chapter for many years and served as its president from 1975 to 1977, 2002 to 2003, 2005 to 2006 and 2007 to 2009. She also served as Alpha Iota Alpha’s Panhellenic delegate and was the province district chair in 1979. Jane was nominated by the Alpha Chi Omega staff.

Young Alumna Appreciation Award

Nita Sinden Hurley, ΘΣ (University of North Florida)

Nita Sinden Hurley is the Theta Sigma chapter advisor and has been in this role for three years. She is also a member of the Alpha Eta Alpha alumnae chapter and the Jacksonville Alumnae Panhellenic Association, where she has held various leadership roles. Nita’s past volunteer roles with Alpha Chi Omega include Theta Sigma recruitment advisor (five years) and province collegiate chair for the state of Florida. Nita was nominated by Amanda Causey, the Alpha Eta Alpha alumnae chapter, the Theta Sigma chapter, Kelsey Bridges and Kathy Boone.

Outstanding Dedication Award

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Alumnae Chapter Awards

Alumnae chapter awards are announced every other year, in association with Alpha Chi Omega's national conventions. For a list of the most recent winners, presented at the 2012 National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, click here.

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