Caitlin Mackey Driscoll

Caitlin Mackey Driscoll

Theta Omicron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Caitlin Mackey Driscoll is literally seeking the heights as an engineer at SpaceX. Working on the Dragon spacecraft system as lead manufacturing engineer at only age 25, her team is developing a reliable and safe vehicle to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

“I am excited to be part of the mission to keep humanity exploring beyond just our planet,” she says. “Exploring the unknown is part of who we are, from sailing the seas to scaling mountains to setting foot on the moon.”

In a male-dominated field and company – where less than 10 percent of technical roles are filled by women – Driscoll is participating in a focus group to shrink the gender gap. And she brings in women directly, helping several Alpha Chi Omegas land jobs and internships at SpaceX. As the only female in many rooms, Driscoll feels fortunate to have many sisters at the company to provide mentorship and friendship.

Alpha Chi Omega has played a role in Driscoll’s life since childhood. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were members of the Alpha (DePauw University) chapter and showed her the meaning of sisterhood. She carried that legacy forward into her collegiate years, serving as VP Ritual and fraternity appreciation and chapter president.

“As an undergraduate, I was able to grow so much through my Alpha Chi Omega experience,” Driscoll adds. “I learned how to truly support someone and hold myself responsive to their needs; I learned to continually try to be a better version of myself; and I was encouraged to try new things and know that I would have sisters who would support me no matter what.”

“Overall, Alpha Chi has provided me with such an amazing system of support and encouragement to keep becoming the best I can be and seeking higher heights.”

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