Tara Axler

Tara Axler

Alpha Chi (Butler University)


Tara Axler has always been a leader. After serving in many leadership roles throughout her career, she has made her way to her current position as a finance executive at AIG. However, Tara’s leadership extends well beyond the workplace.

Tara graduated from Butler University and then went on to earn her MBA from Columbia Business School. Throughout her journey, Alpha Chi Omega has continued to serve as her support system, and she says she finds the bonds of sisterhood surfacing at the times she needs them most.

“Alpha Chi has continued to support me into my alumnae years through lifelong friendships, an immediate connection point to trust and confidence,” Tara says.

Tara explains that she has often discovered Alpha Chi Omegas on her project teams at work, and with that bond established, trust grows quickly and the projects thrive. She also points to Alpha Chi Omega for another benefit that has impacted her life – her confidence.

“Building confidence in myself has been a journey, but the lessons within servant leadership have remained a true north for me, something that Alpha Chi at Butler University specifically focused on,” she says.

This servant leadership has defined Tara’s life. Tara is the board chair of the Diaper Bank of Connecticut, where she leads the fundraising for and distribution of diapers to those in need throughout the state. To date, the organization has distributed more than 20 million free diapers. Along with her husband, Tara is also leading a campaign in her community to increase funding and support for Jewish programs. And this January, she and her Alpha Chi chapter alumnae raised funds for their sister mourning the loss of her child – a reminder that the bonds of sisterhood extend far beyond college.

Tara defines a real, strong woman as someone who “brings people along with them, paves a better path for those coming next, [is] brave enough to be vocal about their own vulnerabilities and celebrates other women around them.” In all she does, Tara has lived out these qualities and is a true example of a real, strong woman.

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