Tracy Embree

Tracy Embree

Theta Omicron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Tracy Embree is a global leader as the president of Cummins’ Distribution Business Segment, managing thousands of employees and setting strategy and direction. In 2019, WomenInc. magazine named Tracy one of the Most Influential Corporate Directors. Her success in the highest levels of business leadership was influenced by Alpha Chi Omega.

“The leadership experiences I had in Alpha Chi helped me find my voice early on,” Tracy recalls. “As an officer in our chapter, using my voice to set the aim and vision for the committee I was leading and listen to ideas from committee members helped us achieve success together. And those experiences directly translate into the leadership role I have today.”

Tracy graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. In both a field of study and an eventual career that are predominately made up of men, Tracy found a key to success in her Alpha Chi Omega sisters.

“Alpha Chi has served as a constant reminder to continue to search out and find those women who will tell you the truth when you need to hear it, will hold your hand when you are unsure and will celebrate your successes with you – not because they have to but because they want to,” she says. “Even more so, my experience in Alpha Chi has helped me remember to challenge myself to do the same for other women.”

She takes on this challenge each day and says her greatest accomplishment is being able to help those around her work to achieve their dreams, whether that is contributing to the growth of her customers, coaching her colleagues to balance work and life, or parenting her son so he sees endless possibilities ahead of him.

A role model to many, Tracy proves that women deserve a seat at the highest table – a place for real, strong women. “Being a real, strong woman means finding and using my voice,” she says. “It means expressing vulnerability so others can learn through my experiences – and so I can keep learning from them as well. It means having the confidence to let go of perfection and to be a little bit messy.”

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