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Alpha Chi Omega hosts events to bring sisters together for learning and bonding.

From large-scale events like our biennial convention to smaller programming events throughout the year, these opportunities are part of lifelong membership and keep members engaged with our values and mission.

Upcoming Events

June - LBGTq Pride Month

  • May 31: Headquarters closed
  • June 21-25 - Alumnae Book Club discussion on Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert
  • June 25-26: Volunteer Summit

Notable Opportunities and Deadlines

  • June 1 - Start of Alpha Chi Omega's 2021-23 volunteer term
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Planning ahead



  • July 8-10: 2022 National Convention in Seattle, Washington
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Alpha Chi Omega Events

Alumnae Book Club Monthly Discussion

Learn more about our Alumnae Book Club here, see the upcoming book list and join the Facebook group.

Catching up with Alpha Chi 

Join National President Lynne Herndon quarterly as she provides Alpha Chi Omega updates, answers questions and hosts Alpha Chi guests to share relevant information. This is a great time to catch up on your Alpha Chi news. 

Interested in watching the May session? Register here to access the recording.

Golden key series 

The Golden Key Series is a quarterly education opportunity for all Enterprise volunteers. These short, 30-minute webinars range in topics from developing soft skills to improving technical skills and providing updates about Alpha Chi Omega. We will be announcing our 2021-22 Golden Key webinars soon! 

Women & Wisdom Events

Women & Wisdom is Alpha Chi Omega’s program that provides professional and personal development opportunities for our members. Upcoming events will be shared on our new platform for connecting real, strong women. Learn more or click here to get started!

2022 National Convention

July 8-10, 2022
Seattle, Washington

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chapter events and anniversaries

Alpha chi omega chapter events around the country

If your chapter is planning an event that you would like to post here, please contact Arianna Bradley, director of lifetime engagement, for more information.

Chapter Anniversaries

Celebrating 100 years!

  • June 10: Alpha Theta (Drake University)
  • June 14: Alpha Iota (University of Vermont)
  • June 22: Alpha Kappa (University of Oregon)

If you are planning an event for a chapter anniversary that you would like to post here, please contact Arianna Bradley, director of lifetime engagement, for more information.

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