Flat Founders

You can join the fun and help celebrate our Founders the same way you give props to the other special women in your life—by sharing a selfie or two! Download, cut out and mount a ready-to-print photo of Anna, Olive, Bertha, Amy, Nellie, Bessie or Estelle and bring her along to your chapter’s Founders’ Day events. Just click the images below to download a printable PDF.
Then capture some photos and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #AXOFlatFounders

Anna Allen Smith
9/10/1870 - 5/23/1932 (62)
Her devotion to Alpha Chi Omega and to her church was only matched by her devotion to her country. This was evident in her tireless efforts with the Red Cross during World War I.
Olive Burnett Clark
6/10/1867 – 4/18/1957 (89)
“Ollie” played the piano, organ, violin, cello and double bass. She and Bertha Deniston “Denny” became very close friends and that friendship endured over the years. Ollie wrote Memories, Song of the Lyre Bird, Prayer and Our Prayer.  Memories and Song of the Lyre Bird are still in our most current version of the Alpha Chi Omega Song Book.
Bertha Deniston
7/28/1869 – 10/2/1950 (81)
When the first sample badge came from Miles and Company in Cleveland, Ohio, Denny bought it. Nearly every sister wore it when they had their pictures taken. That badge is the only Founders’ badge the Fraternity has been able to locate. It is on display at Headquarters and all of the Chapter President badges are a replica of this badge.
Amy Du Bois Reith
12/31/1869 – 8/12/1915 (46)
Amy was only 15 when she entered DePauw University. She studied both voice and piano and was known as “the little girl with the big voice.” She was very tiny with dark brown hair and eyes. Her quiet and straightforward manner and her bright disposition endeared her to her teachers and fraternity sisters, but only the latter fully knew the pranks which she could play.
Nellie (e) Gamble
5/12/1867 – 6/7/1960 (93)
“Strange how circumstances change our lives!  Had my first plan carried, I would not have had the honor of being a founder of our beloved fraternity, an event of a lifetime.  Fifty years-can it be possible since a group of seven girls ushered into life so wonderful an organization! A small beginning, but loyal girls with high standards have achieved marvelous results.”
Bessie Grooms Keenan
4/28/1866 – 11/1/1920 (54)
Bessie was one of three Greencastle girls among the founders. The fraternity girls were always welcomed by Bess’s mother and “Daddy Grooms.” Alpha’s first big party was held in this old house, and it was the scene of many later ones, as well as informal gatherings and raids on the orchard. Bess was a glass half full person and was happiest when she was doing something for others.
Estelle Leonard
3/21/1860? – 3/3/1955 (95)?
She was Alpha’s first chapter president and attended more conventions than any of the other Founders.  Estelle was the Founder selected to go to Indianapolis and bring back ribbon samples so the seven could select the exact colors.  Scarlet and bronze green were the first choices, but when no bronze green ribbons were found the color was changed to olive green.

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