Become Life Loyal

You’re dedicated, involved and know Alpha Chi Omega is an important part of your life after college.

Why not strengthen your commitment to our fraternity by registering for a Life Loyal membership?
This program gets you the most out of your post-college membership by adding new benefits to existing lifelong membership opportunities. These include:
  • Uninterrupted delivery of The Lyre magazine (only available to Life Loyal members, current collegians and subscribers);
  • A beautifully crafted lapel pin available only to Life Loyal members;
  • Personal recognition in The Lyre and on our website’s Life Loyal directory;
  • A limited-edition gift from our Life Loyal collection, in honor of your membership; and
  • Exclusive savings on shopping, tickets to movie theaters, amusement parks, ski resorts, family events, Broadway Theater and more through our partnership with Working Advantage.
Becoming Life Loyal means making a one-time life membership commitment to Alpha Chi Omega. Overall, this a chance to connect with us on a much deeper level, and your membership fee goes right back to the organization, supporting member services like The Lyre.

Sign Up Now!
Life Loyal Alpha Chi Omega membership is only a one-time payment of $299. Fifty-year members receive a reduced rate of $179.
A Life Loyal membership can also be gifted, and many members have purchased one on behalf of friends, relatives, chapter leaders and other real, strong women.
The one-time payment is accepted by check or credit card or through a budget-friendly monthly installment program. This plan consists of 12 monthly payments of $28 ($18 for 50-year members) billed directly to a credit card.
If you’re ready to be Life Loyal, or want to give the gift of this special membership, please click here

For more information, contact Lifetime Engagement.
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