NHC Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about what the National Housing Corporation (NHC) is and what services we provide? Want to know more about the housed experience and the benefits of living with sisters? Read on!

Alpha Chi Omega National Fraternity has assigned to the Alpha Chi Omega National Housing Corporation (NHC) the responsibility for collegiate chapter facilities to ensure they are appropriate, competitive and safe. Established in 1996, the NHC is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates some of our chapters’ facilities and provides support services for facilities owned by campus-specific entities. The NHC also supports any needs of local house corporations.

Dedicated staff members work for the NHC at our headquarters and are available to help chapters and answer questions related to their facilities. The NHC staff members also work closely with the NHC Board to execute the mission of the NHC.

The National Housing Corporation enhances the Real. Strong. Women. Experience by providing safe and competitive facilities where members connect, lead, grow and serve.

The NHC Board is comprised of seven members who serve as directors and are appointed by the National Council. One member of the National Council serves as the ex-officio member of the NHC. The board provides oversight and guidance on the strategic direction of the NHC and to the NHC staff who carries out the day-to-day projects.
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Some chapter facilities are owned and managed by local house corporations (LHCs) comprised of a group of volunteers who work with the chapter regarding housing needs for their specific chapter. Often the LHC volunteers are alumnae of the chapter whose facility they work with or are other Alpha Chi Omegas who live near where the chapter is located. When a chapter is owned and managed by an LHC, the chapter contacts its LHC representatives directly regarding the chapter facility.

The National Housing Corporation works on behalf of the chapter in the same way, just with more than one chapter! The NHC proudly works with 102 chapters through the management of 75 chapters spaces.

For a chapter facility owned or managed by the NHC, the chapter should contact our property management partner, CSL Management, or the NHC staff member assigned to support their facility.

You can ask your vice president facility operations or check our lists of NHC and LHC facilities to learn more.

There are several benefits to joining the National Housing Corporation including professional staff support, capital improvement planning that incorporates chapter wish list considerations, best practices for life safety and preventive maintenance, and a professional property management company (CSL Management) providing 24/7 support.

Additionally, with the facility being in the NHC, the local alumnae can focus on chapter support rather than on facility maintenance. The NHC assumes the responsibilities of a local house corporation board, taking care of the safety, repairs, inspections, budgets and renovations of the property. By shifting facility responsibilities to NHC, volunteers know the facility will be maintained by NHC staff and volunteers can focus on important chapter issues.

The NHC has a partnership with CSL Management to assist and oversee the day-to-day operations of the NHC-owned and managed chapter facilities. If your chapter facility is owned, leased or managed by the NHC, CSL will work with your house director and/or chapter to coordinate all repairs, maintenance and capital improvement work to be done at the facility. CSL also serves as emergency support and is available 24/7 to assist with emergency maintenance. CSL does not work with chapters owned by an LHC.

The NHC builds a management fee into the chapter lease payment. This fee is charged at 6% of the facility operating budget. There are no additional costs for NHC facilities that are different from those of a local house corporation.

Explore our website to learn more about the NHC! You can also contact any member of our housing staff team, led by Senior Director of Housing Amy Jo Gabel.