An Enduring Bond

An Enduring Bond

By Stacey Hollopeter, with help from her 2006 Gamma Epsilon (Oklahoma State University) member class sisters 

In 2006, a group of strangers walked through the doors of our Gamma Epsilon chapter house, each with hopes of finding lifelong friendships and connections. Little did we know, those hopes would exceed our wildest expectations. Ten young women, including myself, pledged to Alpha Chi Omega that year, embarking on a journey that would forever change our lives.  

Seventeen years have passed since our college days, yet our friendship remains as vibrant and unwavering as ever. Despite the twists and turns that life has thrown our way, we have made it a priority to come together annually for our Christmas pajama parties. What started as a simple gathering during our undergraduate years has blossomed into a cherished tradition that we hold dear to our hearts. Our bond transcends time and distance, serving as a testament to the power of sisterhood. Through triumphs and challenges, we have leaned on each other for support, laughter, and unwavering love.  

Our sisterhood is a beacon of light in a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, reminding us of the importance of connection and community. We have been through so much together throughout these nearly 20 years. Layoffs, breakups, fertility struggles, miscarriages, mental health challenges, a total-loss house fire, horrific car accidents, health scares, deaths in the family and so much more. We relied on our friendships forged in the bond in both good times and bad. 

Throughout the years, our friendship has woven itself into the fabric of our lives in countless ways. We have stood by each other's side as bridesmaids in weddings, celebrated with joyous bachelorette parties, and showered each other with love and support at baby showers. These moments, filled with laughter, tears and love, have only strengthened the bonds that hold us together.  

This collection of photos captures the spirit of our enduring friendship. From our days as wide-eyed seniors to our annual pajama parties filled with laughter and joy, these images serve as a visual representation of the memories we hold dear. 

21042014 Christmas party

2015 Christmas party

20162016 Christmas party

20172017 Christmas party

20182018 Christmas party

20192019 Christmas party

20202020 Christmas party

20212021 Christmas party

20222022 Christmas party

20232023 Christmas party