Music Flows Through My Life

Music Flows Through My Life

By Mary Ann Cooper (Iota Alpha, Alumnae Initiates)

Henry W. Longfellow once famously mused, “Music is the universal language of mankind”; over and over again, this phrase has stood the test of time and practice in my own life. At 5 years old, I loved to practice “playing” my grandparents’ piano: tiny hands enthusiastically pattering around on keys twice their size. Although it may have been void of rhythm and tune, it certainty wasn’t without exuberance. Even then, I believed that music was a language of its own in my life, expressing a part of me that — to this day — would remain hidden if not for song. 

As years passed, those cacophonous notes transformed into something more palatable: the melodies of songs I’d heard earlier that day flowed freely from my fingertips, and simple three-note harmonies easily held their own as vocal accompaniments. As with most things in life, I found that the more I learned and practiced this language, the more I found myself wanting to “speak” it. 

As a now 29-year-old, I cannot imagine a life without music. Whether it be leading worship at my church, writing lyrics for memories too precious to remain thoughts, or simply singing along to the radio with friends and family, music has been and continues to be a dynamic part of my life that seems to permeate every season I find myself walking through.

In my recent decision to become an alumna initiate of Alpha Chi Omega, one of the core values that drew me to the organization as a whole is the reverence with which it views music and the arts in general; the more I learned about its musical history, the more assured I felt in my decision to say “yes” to Alpha Chi. Music, I believe, is one of the deepest ways we can connect with both ourselves and each other, and I could not be more proud to be a sister of a sorority that views music through this same lens. 

The joy of music is that it can be enjoyed in countless ways; you need not be a musician to reap its benefits. Today, sister, I encourage you to spend some time basking in the beauty of music. Play it, sing it, write it or listen to it … go conquer this day with a song in your heart.