A Catalyst for Positive Change

A Catalyst for Positive Change

Alpha Chi Omega encourages our members to be champions for change and embrace what makes them unique. As our sisterhood continues learning and working to foster inclusive environments, our Notes of Belonging initiative highlights members on their individual journeys and the differences they are making. One of these women is Dr. LeAnne Salazar Montoya (Alpha Gamma, University of New Mexico), assistant professor of educational policy & leadership at the University of Las Vegas. Read on to learn how she is positively impacting the next leaders and change-makers, drawing inspiration from her Alpha Chi Omega experience.  

Dr MontoyaEmpowering Future Leaders  

I am a first-generation college graduate, and I hope to start a new generational cycle that celebrates success, honesty and hard work, and continuing as my father once did as a servant leader! I am dedicated to the cause of social justice and equity, not just as a personal endeavor but as a commitment to educate, empower and inspire a new generation of school leaders. I firmly believe that through education, we can break down barriers, challenge prejudices and foster understanding, setting the stage for a more equitable future. It is not about what I can achieve alone, but rather, how we can move the needle together, fostering a society where justice and equity are not merely ideals but lived realities for all. 

In my journey as a social justice and equity educator and advocate … I recognize that lasting change can only be achieved by nurturing a new wave of leaders who are not only well-versed in the principles of justice and equity but are also committed to integrating them into the very fabric of our educational systems. By imparting the importance of empathy, inclusivity and critical thinking, I aim to empower these future leaders to champion social justice in the classroom and beyond. 

Leadership Through Actions 

My passion as a social justice and equity warrior runs deep within me, fueled by a burning desire to make the world more equitable and inclusive. I firmly believe that true progress can only be achieved when we work collectively to address systemic inequalities and advocate for those whose voices have been marginalized. It is not enough to merely identify the disparities in our society; we must actively engage in the transformative process.  

The significance of making a lasting impact is paramount in my professional ethos. Titles and accolades may shine momentarily, but their luster fades if not accompanied by a profound and enduring influence on others. For me, professional fulfillment lies in the ripple effect of my efforts, in the lives I touch and the positive transformations I catalyze. It's not merely about reaching the summit of a career trajectory; rather, it's about carving a path that future leaders can traverse more easily and with greater success.  

The essence of leadership, to me, is found in the positive difference we make in the lives of those we serve. Witnessing the growth, empowerment and gratitude of others is the true measure of a leader's impact. It is through their appreciation that the real success of leadership is gauged, knowing that the seeds planted have germinated into a garden of sustainable change. In essence, leadership is not about the leader; it is about the enduring legacy of progress and empowerment that one leaves behind, shaping the landscape for generations to come. 

CompositeIdeals from Alpha Chi Omega

Joining Alpha Chi Omega during my undergraduate years introduced me to profound principles that have become enduring pillars in both my professional and personal life. Being an agent of positive change and living my life in alignment with the cornerstones of Alpha Chi Omega – service, unselfishness and sincerity – has been a guiding principle in my journey.  

Service, as one of these cornerstones, has motivated me to dedicate my efforts and talents to making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Unselfishness has taught me the value of giving without expecting something in return, emphasizing the importance of selflessness in fostering a more inclusive and compassionate world. Sincerity, the third cornerstone, reminds me to act with authenticity and integrity, promoting genuine connections and trust in all my interactions.  

It is in these cornerstones and their embodiment in my daily life that I find my purpose and the fulfillment of my commitment to fostering a more equitable and empathetic society.

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