Pearl Stone Partners: Employer of Choice

Pearl Stone Partners: Employer of Choice

By Chelsie Bickel, engagement manager

Pearl Stone Partners (PSP) is a company created by Alpha Chi Omega, for Alpha Chi Omega. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive human resources services and support to employees and those who direct them to enhance the Real. Strong. Women.® Experience. We oversee all employment at Alpha Chi Omega’s collegiate chapter facilities and function as a true employment hub. We focus on the employees that work within the chapter facility and support the employment experience from recruitment to training and professional development through off-boarding. Our employees have a desire to work with collegiate women, and they work to foster an inclusive environment for all members that promotes positive community relations, member engagement and resident safety.

I started with working with PSP a few months ago. In my short time, through conversations with our employees, candidates and volunteers that work to support our employees, I have come to understand PSP’s drive to distinguish itself as an employer of choice. I love starting work each day as I get to know our employees and all the incredible work they do. I enjoy connecting with candidates and learning what motivates them to work with our collegiate women. I appreciate that we care about our employees and work to find the right fit for both the candidate and the collegiate chapter. We have even been able to move house directors to other chapters when they have shared a need or desire to be stationed in a different location.

Why is PSP an employer of choice?

Our goal is to equip and support our employees through a house director community and by providing competitive benefits and consistent, timely trainings. Overall, we aim to streamline the employment process for our house directors and other employees. We're proud that we've begun to develop not just a community for our current house director team, but that we've built a house director candidate network, allowing us to quickly plug talent into open roles.

What benefits does PSP provide?

For our full-time employees (30 hours or more per week), we offer competitive benefits including health care, dental and vision insurance; 401(K) with up to a 4% match; and flexible paid time off. Our house directors also receive room and board as part of their compensation package, as well as opportunities for cell phone stipends and bonuses. We also offer 12-month contracts to provide consistency and allow house directors to make their living space their home.

What about work-life balance for house directors?

We encourage house directors to take time away from the facility to explore hobbies, other employment and other things that allow them to recharge. We know it can be hard to live and work in the same place. Our time off policy is flexible, and we allow employees to take paid time off both during the school year and during campus breaks.

We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team, offering both annual contracts and short-term substitute opportunities. Submit your resume today at and allow us to distinguish Pearl Stone Partners as the employer of choice.

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