Spooky Safe

Spooky Safe

By: Rachel Haley, Assistant Director of Harm Reduction

Fall is the season to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, haunted houses and costume parties. This time of year can also have a darker side that may involve drinking and risky decision-making, especially around Halloween. Alpha Chi wants you to put yourself first! This spooky season, prioritize your safety and consider ways you can make responsible choices.    

During Halloween weekend, college students often celebrate by attending themed parties where drinking in excess can be prevalent. A recent study showed that college students who consume alcohol on Halloween report drinking an average of 6.3 alcoholic beverages. This level of consumption is considered binge drinking and would likely mean the person will experience impaired memory, also known as a blackout. Stay in control of your alcohol consumption and reduce problematic drinking with these safe drinking strategies:  

•Watch your booze. If you chose to drink legally, take your drink with you everywhere you go – don’t leave it alone.  

• Stay alert. Be aware of others in your surroundings. If you notice drink tampering, be a positive upstander. 

•Drink responsibly. Set a drink limit, alternate alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic beverages and avoid drinking games.  

•Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or in danger, leave immediately.   

•Find a safe ride. Drinking and driving is never an option. Use a rideshare app or make plans for a friend to be your designated driver.  

•Go with a sister, leave with a sister. It’s always safer to attend events with someone you know rather than going out solo.  

•Charge your phone. Carry it with you in case you need to make an emergency call.  

•Avoid walking alone in the dark. Share your location with a friend as a precaution.  


Although Halloween is only for one day, your actions can have a lasting impact on you, your chapter and our sisterhood. Here’s how we can hold ourselves and our sisters to our values:  

•Appreciate, don’t appropriate. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or dressing up with friends, chose costumes that make you feel confident and comfortable while respecting others’ abilities, cultures, appearances, genders and identities. Do your research to avoid party themes that reinforce negative stereotypes or promote violence. 

•Pause before you post. Remember, you’re responsible for your digital footprint!  

•Follow the law. Refrain from engaging in illegal activity (e.g., vandalism, theft, illicit drugs or underage drinking).  

Keep your spooky vibes going all Hallo-weekend long, but don’t ruin the fun by jeopardizing your safety. Wishing you and your boo crew a safe and memorable Halloween!