Ask an Alpha Chi: Alia Graham

Ask an Alpha Chi: Alia Graham


Alpha Chi Omega continues to grow our sisterhood across the country, establishing new chapters to share the Real. Strong. Women. Experience with more women. Alpha Chi Omega established its newest chapter, Lambda Pi at the University of Mississippi. The chapter welcomed its members with an unforgettable Bid Day, with new sisters ready to seek the heights together. One of those sisters was Alia Graham, a junior at the University of Mississippi pursuing a degree in finance.

However, Alia’s Alpha Chi Omega journey started long before that Bid Day. Originally a student at Villanova University, Alia had joined the Zeta Tau chapter there before deciding to transfer to the University of Mississippi. Now, she returns as an active collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega, helping her sisters grow the Lambda Pi chapter. Alia not only is a founding member of this new chapter, but she has recently taken on the role of being the founding president, ready to lead the chapter to success.

As part of our Ask an Alpha Chi blog series, we asked Alia seven questions in honor of our seven Founders. Read below to learn more about Alia and the Lambda Pi establishment. 

 Alia on Bid day1. What first drew you to Alpha Chi Omega?

Before going through spring recruitment at Villanova University, I had no idea what I wanted out of a sorority or what I would be looking for in an organization. But I did know that I wanted a group of women that would appreciate me for who I am, while pushing me to grow. I did some research before recruitment, and when I first learned about Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy, I was so excited that there would be an opportunity to be a part of an organization that cares so deeply about something that I am very passionate about. I was also drawn to Alpha Chi Omega because I was inspired by the relationships between the women that I could see on campus. The Alpha Chis were always confident, kind and strong women that could be seen all over the university, and that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be surrounded by women that empowered other women, not only through their words and service, but also through their daily actions. There was just something so special about the women of Alpha Chi, and I was so eager to see exactly what it means to be a real, strong woman. 

2. What excites you about establishing a new chapter at the University of Mississippi?

This whole opportunity has honestly felt too good to be true. I remember how it felt when I first transferred; I was afraid, intimidated and worried that I had made the wrong decision. But those fears quickly dissolved as I could watch the establishment process unfold. I could have never imagined that I would be in the position I am today, and I would not change any part of my college career for the world. I have been so excited not only to introduce more wonderful women to the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega, but also to see how real, strong women can make an impact in Oxford, Mississippi. Being able to share in the bond with sisters on this campus quickly made me feel at home. I am so excited to watch these women grow as the Lambda Pi chapter blossoms into what it is meant to be!

 3. What does it mean to you to be a founding member of the Lambda Pi chapter?

Becoming a founding member of the Lambda Pi chapter adds an element to my experience with Alpha Chi Omega that I would never have expected. Ever since I was initiated in the spring of 2021, I have connected with sisters across the country and the globe. And though every sister is unique and special in her own way, one thing has always been consistent: each of them embodies exactly what it means to be a real, strong woman. Being a founding member, to me, means that I can show this corner of the world what our organization and what our sisterhood stand for. The sisterhood, bond and community that is consistent across every chapter now has a strong presence on the Ole Miss campus, and it is our duty to decide what this chapter will look like.

4. What are some of your goals as President of a new chapter?

My number one priority through this whole process is to lead this chapter with grace, honor and courage. I know what it is like to first join a sorority; it can be scary and intimidating, and I know how much I relied on the older classes at Zeta Tau for guidance and advice. That is what I want to be for these women; I want to be a role model for my sisters and serve as an example of what it means to live out our Alpha Chi values on the Ole Miss campus. This year is crucial in the development of our chapter, and it is incredibly important to establish a strong sisterhood that will carry forward for years to come. I want each of these women to know how loved and cherished they are our sacred bond of Alpha Chi Omega.

5. What advice do you have for future members of the Lambda Pi chapter?

 One of the most important lessons Alpha Chi has taught me is that there is beauty in growth and that change cannot happen comfortably. So, I think my advice is this: do not be afraid of being a little uncomfortable, and embrace change and challenges as they come; this is when you begin to seek the heights. Our college years are some of the most formative years in our life, and I think it is so important to allow yourself to grow into the woman you are meant to be – and Alpha Chi Omega will be right next to you, supporting you the entire way. Embrace change and growth and enjoy the process. Alpha Chi Omega will take care of you, I promise!

Alia Graham6. How has Alpha Chi Omega had an impact in your life?

I joined Alpha Chi Omega amid a global crisis; the COVID-19 pandemic had a firm grip on the entire world, and I was feeling the effects of being so far from my family and any place that felt like home. The fear of my future and my present was overwhelming, but Alpha Chi proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel. And it broke my heart to feel like I was leaving my sisters behind when I transferred, but everything that Alpha Chi had taught me carried me forward. My sisters supported me through everything, and it ignited a fire inside of me to trust myself and my path. I knew that no matter where life would take me, what I learn from this organization would guide me and continue to push me to grow. I was emboldened in my decision to start a new chapter of my life when I first transferred, and now it is apparent to me that this was a part of the plan all along. I would not be the woman, leader and sister I am today without the support of this bond, and I know this is only the beginning of a beautiful story.

7. What has been a favorite Alpha Chi memory?

I think my favorite memory was when my cousin and best friend joined this sisterhood on her own campus. I remember writing her letter of recommendation as she was pursuing the organization, with my fingers crossed and praying so hard that she would also find a home in our bond. My cousin, Bridget Murphy, was initiated into the Kappa Omicron chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at High Point University in the spring of 2022. As if being best friends and cousins wasn’t enough to keep us connected, we now share in the beautiful bond of our sisterhood, and it has only made us closer. I love being able to grow with her, dressed in the letters that stand to remind us we are exactly where we are meant to be. I know how much Alpha Chi has impacted me, and it is my greatest joy to watch her grow into the real, strong woman she was destined to become. I think this has been my favorite memory because it highlights how our sisterhood goes beyond college campuses, beyond state lines and beyond any physical barriers that would keep our sisters apart. Because with Alpha Chi, we are never apart, and we are never alone.